We believe that a strong identity, with singular look and relevant tone, is vital for communicating a consistent brand message that will elevate it beyond the competition. If the identity is strong, then the process of building a brand is faster and smoother.

Logo Design

We, at Ideal Branding, create that unique identity for your brand. It all starts with the logo – a symbol, a clear identifiable graphic representation of you. A logo defines your brand, it creates a space for you in your customer’s mind. It represents what your brand stands for, your value systems and corporate philosophies that make you uncommon.

We believe that an effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, and simple in form and conveys the intended message. In other words, it should follow five basic principles of logo design – simple, timeless, memorable, versatile and appropriate. We treat logo design as a specialized science that goes beyond an impressive aesthetic, it will help you align all your communication platforms with a singular identity. We not only create formidable brand identities but also develop guidelines to protect them.

We adopt a process-oriented logo design approach. Though conventional, it helps us get on track straight away.

No matter what the rules are, they surely don’t hold us back in letting our imagination go wild. By asking you the right set of questions, we understand your product and the company’s vision methodically. Then we sketch, explore and create. Then we repeat. Then we repeat again till we get it right. It is this perseverance for the perfect design that made us what we are today. We understand that logo designing and branding will have different roles that together form a perceived image of the brand. Hence, we create new-age logos that work independently and also adapt seamlessly into the branding framework.

Corporate Identity

A logo is followed by creation of corporate stationery, which is extremely essential for any company as it is the most common communication from the company to its stakeholders. It is the representation of the company’s key visual component that’ll make the receiver remember and recall the brand. From the logo, we create a unique identity system and a style guideline that ensures that the corporate image of your company is cohesive and consistent.

Our Corporate Identity package typically includes Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes of all sizes, Folders, CD Covers and Stickers, ID Cards and MS Power Pont Template to start with. Later on, based on your requirement we can extend the same design science in to other collateral.

Apart from just designing, we also give you cutting-edge printing solutions for your corporate stationery. We choose exclusive paper, materials, post-printing effects and finish to enhance the overall appeal and make your stationery the most distinctive among all. If kept in a pack of visiting cards, we ensure that your stationery will standout because of its unique visualization and production values.


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