“Brand-building is the key to enhancing an SME’s competitiveness and profitability,” said David Ogilvy.

Over the years, India has been experiencing rapid economic change as various sectors have undergone greater development. In a business environment filled with opportunities and challenges, brand-building may be the direction SMEs and start-ups need to take to enhance their competitiveness in the dynamics of the changing market.

The entrepreneur market has undergone a sea of change today. Earlier only those who belonged to family businesses ventured into doing business and licenses to run a specific business also played a large part in creating new entrepreneurs. But everything has changed today.

Smart and educated people with great ideas are entering the market as first generation entrepreneurs. Driven by encouraging market forces and an ambition to be one’s own boss, people from all sections of the society, irrespective of age, gender and backgrounds are taking the plunge, moving away from the safety of 9 to 5 jobs. And thus, the emergence of SMEs and start-ups has gained stream and is today, on an all-time rise. New entrepreneurs think that brand-building requires extensive capital and technology, an approach generally taken by the blue chips. But we at Ideal Branding + Designs understand that SMEs are mostly small and working with scarce resources, and hence the approach to brand-building is taken accordingly.

Creating a unique brand identity is absolutely crucial especially if you are competing in a market that is saturated with other businesses selling the same product or service. It is increasingly vital to create brand differentiation right from the very beginning to stand-out in the market. By authentically expressing their brand identity and adopting a systematic brand-building approach, we help SMEs and start-ups build their own valuable brands for stronger sales and better business performance.

We believe, branding process starts right from the time you think of setting up a business. Choosing the right brand name itself is already a form of branding. We partner you right from the naming stage to hitting the market stage and even the sustenance stage. Many SMEs are having a hard time in penetrating the market given the number of large players in the industry. However, with proper branding, things can become easier.


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